Limitations of Free Email Services and Positives Of Dedicated Email Hosting

Small and medium businesses often neglect the importance of having secure hosted email exchange. Right hosted email exchange is utmost important, especially for growing companies that will soon be shifting to their own dedicated server. This is to ensure that businesses are better adhering to email securities and minimum risks. There are number of security loop holes in traditional emails which include: Read More

Some “Wow’s” for Drupal CMS Platform

Cyber space has become one of the most fascinating destinations for businesses and corporations. Companies and corporations absent in the cyberspace are doomed in a longer run. This is especially true for businesses and companies that operate e-commerce. Managing the content of website is one of the fundamental aspects when talking about any sort of website. Read More

Hybrid Cloud- The ultimate IT approach for businesses

Have you cut your time and capital spent on servers by virtualizing them?

Are you still spending large amount of time and capital on server management?

What’s the point of shifting your servers to virtualization, when there is no gain………

Server virtualization is seen as the optimum approach to reduce our time and capital expenditure on server management by consolidating multiple virtualized servers into a physical rack space with much smaller footprint. Read More