Denials Management Services

Denials Management Services


Most Health Systems lose between 3% and 5% of net revenues as a result of payment denials.


Outsource your denied claims to EMPS, the foremost industry leader in capturing additional revenue. We offer the most comprehensive claim review process in the industry. At EMPS, we have developed a unique, impressive electronic claim process for each and every type of claim problem. Our inside knowledge of the industry has been successfully proven to overturn even the toughest denied claims.


Foremost industry leader in identifying and capturing additional revenue for our clients.
EMPS process claims and appeals for all payer types including Contractual, Indemnity, Government, Self-Funded, etc...
EMPS has the most comprehensive claim review process in the industry.
EMPS knows and understands the complexities of the administrative appeals process.
Services do not cost anything until we are successful at getting your claim paid. EMPS works on a "No Recovery No Cost" basis

Value Proposition

EMPS Denials Analysis provides valuable information:

Invalid Denials
Avoidable Denials
Operational Savings
Collectible Fees
Missed Revenue Opportunities and Positive Edits
Reasonable and Customary Charges

EMPS Denials Analysis includes:

Holds Payers and Vendors Accountable
Performance Evaluation ā€“ Administrative and Outsource Performance
EMPSā€™ Net Impact to the Practice (Revenue Improvement Ranges From 7% ā€“ 28% Based on Specialty and Practice)