Medical Transcription Services

EMPS is a medical transcription service provider company based in Houston, Texas and also an overseas office in India. We are one of the most sought after medical transcription service companies providing transcription services and solutions to healthcare providers across North America. EMPS assists various physicians, hospitals, clinics, and several healthcare centers in providing accurate medical transcription services at a fast turnaround time and at an unbelievably low cost of just 40% of the local US rates.

Accurately transcribes the patient-identifying information such as name and Medical Record or Social Security Number.
Transcribes accurately, utilizing correct punctuation, grammar and spelling, and edits for inconsistencies.
Maintains/consults references for medical procedures and terminology.
Follows up on physicians' missing and/or late dictation, returns printed or electronic report in a timely fashion
Performs quality assurance check
Each transcriptionist compulsorily undergoes training in medical terms and vocabulary
Each transcriptionist in accent training with examples of some hard to understand accents
A specific set of transcriptionist is engaged for a particular specialty
Transcriptionist sign indemnity agreement prior to joining work at EMPS to ensure utmost security with the medical data.