File Versioning

  • Compatibility

    Our product support files versioning for multiple Operating Systems includes Mac OSX and Windows OS.

  • Specific Version Retention

    You can specify the number of versions to be backed up for a single file and also backup and recover every version of your file through our service as needed.

  • Top-notch cloud storage

    All of your file versioning backup will be stored in highly advanced data centers with 24/7 surveillance and physical security. All of the storing facilities are in compliance with SSAE or ISO.

  • Hybrid-cloud archiving

    Standard file versioning backup services also include hybrid-cloud archiving. You can request for a hybrid data backup over local storage as well as over the Cloud for ultimate data backup redundancy.

File versioning enables you to request a backup for multiple versions of a single file. The standard retention period for a single file is 28 days, and if any file remains unchanged for over 60 days only a single copy of that file is kept. However, with the file versioning feature you can now request multiple version backup for a single file by simply specifying the files for which multiple versions backup is required.


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