Security and HIPAA Compliance

In the digital age, emails are sent by the millions every day around the world. Some people worry about the level of security offered in that digital parcel, as evidenced by numerous outcries in the wake of privacy invasions. People want to know that their personal correspondence is secure and safe from prying eyes. In the years since email became a primary means of communication, numerous safeguards have been developed and implemented. Read More

Want to build your own website? Here are five reasons that will change your mind

Up until recently, it was almost impossible to build a website without a team of professional coders and designers. That is not the case anymore. Almost anyone who can use a keyboard and a mouse can build their own website; this has prompted a torrent of bloggers, DIY enthusiasts and reviewers to setup websites on their own for almost no money at all. If you are a growing business, you need a website, no doubt about it, but you also need to save as much money as possible, and funnel cash into the business, marketing, and sales. Read More