There has been an old saying in industry, “content is king”. People associated with search engine optimization industry would certainly be aware of the significance of content and its impact on overall optimization process. There are thousands and thousands of online businesses operating across the globe, each of these businesses want to capture market as much as it can get, however, few are lucky enough to have lasting impact over customers; who are not just conscious but also quite choosy.


What’s the significance of an innovative and original content?

With ever increasing number of online businesses, there is an absolute chaos to develop and design an attractive and captivating website. Site owners are desperate to find right developers and writers to develop and decorate their sites that can attract users and increase their profits. Simultaneously, there are loads and loads of writers ready to take on quantity projects more than their absolute capacity. The result is a poorly written content unable to attract customers (making a net loss for the site owner). Similarly, when it comes to search engine rankings, content has been the single most influential aspect of entire search engine optimization process. Regular posting of relevant, informative and attractive articles and blogs would mean attracting ever more number of users to a website, resulting in higher revenue generation.

So basically, content writing works in a twofold approach for online business marketing. Still unfortunately, most business owners neglect importance of hiring a genuine writer that can boost their business to new levels. Here in this article we will be looking at some aspects of becoming a genuine content writer and starts generating enormous money only if you think you are capable of writing).

Never ingest what you can’t digest

No matter how professional you are, there has to be a limit you should stop ingesting projects to your daily tasks. Since there is an extensive demand for quality writers, most writers (especially new writers who are not very well versed with the industry standards) start ingesting more and more quantity of projects to their list (just out of their ignorance of prerequisites and necessities of quality writing). All of this ends up with a messy scheduling and poorly written content which sooner or later is eventually blamed to the writer (and you had to compromise on your credibility).

Remember, writing is an art and not everyone is genuinely destined to be a writer. You might have fluency in language and grammar, similarly you might think that you have capability to speak or write on different topics, but creative writing is something that demands utmost concentration and natural skills. Even the most experienced of writers would exhaust for 5k words per day, which shows the intense nature of content writing. So, as a writer you should take only projects that you think you can deliver quality for. Try to establish your credibility as a writer and you can be sure for earning lots of repute and money.

Think Differently

When it comes to writing content for on-page, the ultimate weapon for a writer got to be his/her ability to think out of the box. As we have already mentioned, the industry is oozing with websites loaded with tons of content (most of which has nothing special to attract a common user). So, if you want to get recognition in industry start thinking out of the box and never hesitate to go against the winds in order to achieve your goal (in this case creating a genuinely engaging, innovative and original content).

These are just two of the most important aspects which a new writer should consider before taking up on any project. In future we will be raising more important aspects that can help new writers to establish their credibility and build their writing skills fucked fucked.