How Managed Services can Benefit your Business

Managed services and managed service providers (MSPs) function as a proactive manager of information technology (IT) services for businesses. Reactive IT services, which are very common and have existed far longer than MSPs, focus more on addressing an issue or performing a task when a business contacts them to do so. MSPs focus on performing tasks for a business as they are needed. Read More

Managed Services – Contractor – Clientele concerns

As per the more common believe, monthly agreements are considered as the time-tested formula for a creative Managed Services contract. This is in line with the fact that a regular monthly contract would adhere to the recurring revenues. However, things can go other way round provided that you are not considerate of conditions clearly defining the manageable, work scope and deliverables. Read More

Fabricating a Competent and Practical Managed Antivirus Model for MSP vendors!

 Generating recurring revenues by looking for opportunities, rather than having a “major bang”, is the common norm believed in IT managed service providers (MSP) across the board. Recurring revenues help IT businesses to generate a predictable stream of revenue, thus making lives of business owners much easier- by giving them more value for their investment.
Managed Antivirus is one great way that can help MSP’s to generate predictable flow of revenues periodically.
Conventionally, Antivirus companies have relied on annual renewals of licenses and products. However, this model has become a stiff chore for many smart IT providers as there are many hindrances in this model. Fluctuating licenses fees of Antivirus products, adding or removing client’s machines and adhering to varying demands of different business model posed some serious restriction in annual renewal model for Antivirus products. The model also has great constraints for businesses, as IT managed services companies show their reservations over addition and removal of machines/workstations and servers. This can make stalemate situation for businesses as renewing expired licenses would take much precious time- leaving your machines/workstations on the risk of virus threats.
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